Christ died on the cross for you and me!

Most of us would not disagree with that statement, but what does it mean?  It means that Christ has taken on all of our sin and offered Himself as a perfect and complete sacrifice on our behalf.  It means that salvation has come to us, not because we earned it, deserved it, or were owed it, but freely as God’s gift.  We have been claimed as God’s own flesh and blood.  And now God works in the world to call each one of us individually to become a part of the family.
This is the mystery.  We are called individually, but we are also called to become part of God’s community.  So how do we answer God?  How do we respond to the King of Salvation?  … By our Prayers, by our Presence, by our Gifts, and by our Service.  A tree is known by the fruit it produces, Christians are known by the life we live.
Unfortunately, simply being a member of a church is not good evidence of our relationship with God by itself.  It is what we do with that affiliation with other members that gives evidence to our acceptance of Christ and response to God.  Are we actively participating in opportunities for worship?  Do we undergird our day with the power of prayer?  Do we discover God’s truth through study of the scriptures?  Does our check book reflect our belief and love for God?  Is there time set aside for God every week and every day?  Do we seek to share concern and love for those who are in need?  Does our attitude and language reflect the love of Christ?  Do our actions strengthen the witness of Christ’s power in our lives?
When others look at us, do they see simply a church member or do they see a committed Christian?  When others see us, do they have any reason to believe that Christ triumphed over death and the power of hell, and invites us to be a part of it? When others watch us, do they have any reason to want to be with us?
The stumbling block may be theirs, but let us be sure that we do not become the stumbling block that prevents others from discovering God.
I invite you to come and experience the love of Christ here at Community United Methodist Church where His Spirit is alive and well.  Let us help you build a strong foundation with God, so the stumbling blocks in your life may be removed.
May the peace of God which surpasses all understanding be with you today and always.
Pastor Chuck Eagle