We are committed to loving our neighbor as ourselves.
Vision: to extend our hand to others where it is needed, to build relationships with those we help, serve Christ through our faith, and help others to know Jesus.
As Outreach, we have a unique opportunity; we have direct contact with others through each of our passions; to really interact with them and truly understand their needs; to gain their trust; to encourage them; to let them see thru our actions and compassion the love of Jesus (to see that all our strength comes through Him); to invite them into our church family…(we are “fishers of men”)
Outreach responds in love to many needs including:
  • Blood – We are a Lifesaving Ambasador’s Club Platinum Member by organizing blood donations throughout the year.
  • Hunger – Feed Brookville offers food and fellowship every Sat. of the school year
  • Transportation – Handivan offers scheduled transportation to anyone in Brookville
  • Sewable Items – Piecemakers meets every Thursday to make items with prayer for those in need. They do HandiVan fundraisers, Comfort Quilts, hats/mittens and other projects.
  • About Preschool– Children are God’s great gift to the world. We help families raise their children in a Christ based Preschool by running Community Preschool, providing a “Little Blessings Scholarship” for those in need, and encouraging families with life change gift baskets. Many additional small and large acts of love are shared between the Church family and the Preschoolers’ families
  • Kids Count: support these ministries in conjunction with area churches and Brookville schools.
  • Communion Ministry: bringing communion to those unable to attend church services
  • Prison Ministries: Reentry Connect; supporting those who are re-entering new lives; Cookies for Kairos, etc.
  • Women’s Fellowship– our women meet monthly for fellowship and exploration of out-reaching ministries
  • A PLACE TO GO, INC – a Brookville collaborative 501(c)3 for various mission and ministries.
Out-Reaching Projects Have Also Included