Tuition refunds due to Covid related closure…
Covid-19 Community Preschool Guidelines/Procedures
(as of 8/9/20, subject to change)
Parents and Caregivers: Preschool staff are planning for a safe year, we want to update you on our most recent procedures to keep preschoolers and staff as safe as possible.  Staff will be wearing masks and gloves during drop off and pick up times.  Before staff get children out of cars, the children will get their temperature will be taken, after a safe temp has been determined, staff will get child out of car.  Children will be given a squirt of hand sanitizer upon entering the building.  Once all children are in the building, each class will proceed to a restroom to wash hands with soap and water before entering classrooms.  At the conclusion of each class session, children will wash again with soap and water.  We would suggest once in the car, parents/caregivers allow the children to use hand sanitizer and wash with soap and water once home.
Teachers will be wearing masks during class time , please talk with your child about mask/shield wearing.    Our goal it that the children will be comfortable in the classroom.  This will be an adjustment for all! 
We will continue our rigorous cleaning routines during the class time and in between class sessions.  As always, children will wash hands before snack and after bathroom breaks.  
Updates will be posted as they are available! 
Please contact us for more information. 

937-833-6691 or

Thank you! We look forward to meeting you!